Blake Hall - 1 Old Taunton Road  

Originally the buildings were built in 1909 for the purpose of a roller skating rink for which it was used until the craze died off in the 1960's

It was also used as a temporary hospital during the two wars.

Became Blake Hall Liberal Association in May 1926

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Landlords to date are as follows

Blake Hall History

5 January 1910

New Roller Skating rink opened

That rinking is becoming a popular pastime in Bridgwater was proved by the public interest shown in the opening of the new roller skating rink on the old Taunton road last Saturday evening (January 1).

The ex-Mayor Cllr F Wills had kindly consented to perform the opening ceremony, and some time before the doors were opened a large crowd collected outside the building, the interior of which had been tastefully decorated with flags, Chinese lanterns etc. All the available parts of the building were quickly filled with skaters and spectators (the latter being admitted free of charge for the occasion) and the reserved seats at one end of the rink were all occupied.

The ex-Mayor was accompanied by his wife (Mrs F.Wills), and several prominent townspeople were among those present. Mr Wills, in declaring the rink open, remarked that he was very pleased to do so, especially as he understood it was the undertaking of a native of Somerset. He thought Mr. Courtney was to be congratulated on having the rink ready in time to open on New Year’s Day. He wished Mr. Courtney every success in his undertaking, and declared the rink open. Mr W.H. Courtney having briefly thanked the Mayor for his remarks, a graceful exhibition of skating was given by the Misses Courtney and Mr W.H. Courtney, jun. (the manager), after which the spacious skating surface was opened to the general public.

Rinking, however, terminated somewhat early in the evening, owing to the fact that the cement surface had not sufficiently hardened. The rink is a very neatly-appointed one, and the floor space covers 3,000 square feet. The building is comfortable and splendidly ventilated, and its erection was carried out just within a month by Messrs. Ashton and sons, builders in St Mary Street, and the expeditious and workmanlike way in which they carried out their contract has given the greatest satisfaction.

A fine orchestral organ has been installed to supply music during skating. Mr Wm. Courtney desires it to be known that he induced Messrs. Ashton and sons to allow him to open the rink on Saturday last owing to his early departure from Bridgwater, and his wish to be present at the opening. Their consent was reluctantly given, but at Mr. Courtney’s risk, as the floor was not sufficiently dry.

Mr Courtney, while regretting the disappointment to his patrons on Saturday, hopes to have the rink in full swing within a few days, when the surface of the floor will be satisfactory.   

Blake Hall home of the Liberals - 1926

Known as Blake Hall the Bridgwater Divisional Liberal Association new headquarters in Old Taunton Road was officially opened by the Earle of Oxford on Friday 14 May after being extensively and attractively laid out to provide offices for the association and provide a place for dances, whist drives, public meetings and various other social functions.

The buildings have been used by a variety of people including a temporary hospital during the war years. 

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