Maurice Dudley T Spender

Maurice Spender born in Bridgwater 1923 to Harry & Rosanna Spender, he had one sister Joyce and he never married.

I first met him at a postcard club in the Royal Marine Association Club on West Quay formerly Kings Arms with other people including David Williams author of the Bridgwater Pubs book

Of our many chats to Maurice he told us that he had two jobs, one being a dustman the other a Postman and it was by doing these jobs he became interested in photography, bought a camera and went about taking photographs of the general area.

He once said “You have to go around looking at the things you think might disappear or change within the next few years and photograph it, such as shops and buildings like Post Offices or Pubs that would change”.


He showed me his collection of photographs of the general area of Bridgwater so i could get an idea of how it used to look many years ago.

They included West St being demolished, Broadway being built, and every pub in the 1950’s and thousands of postcards collected over the years.
It is these photographs that appear on this site with the permission of Maurice.


David Williams

David Williams, who as mentioned we met at the postcard club in the Royal Marines Club and his book on Bridgwater Pubs where some material was used to trace the sources of other material in finer detail.

Most of the photo’s in the book are taken by Maurice Spender other’s were from David Williams own collection which were bought at auctions over the years.







Jane Mann

Jane started doing research a few years ago on Somerset pubs then published a book on Bridgwater pubs and local villages.

She then went on to publish a book on Burnham-on-sea pubs.

We were on hand with Jane to launch her Bridgwater Pub book at a book signing at the Blake Museum in April 2018.

The books on pubs was published to help people with dementia to help recall memories.

Jane is pictured launching her new book at the Museum





Other research is from a number of sources inlcuding the Library to search Borough and County Licensing records to get precise dates when licenses were transferred, these were from newspaper archives.

And a licence Register dating back to 1900 to around the 1950's thanks to Georgina Edwards daughter of George and Ena Hawkins licensee of the British Flag for valuable information.

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